What We Do

Zukor Art Conservation provides the following services:

  • Examination, testing, and analysis of objects for repair

  • Identification of media, paper manufacture, and printmaking techniques

  • Documentation, including condition assessments, treatment proposals, and cost estimates

  • Dry cleaning of dirt, dust, and surface particles

  • Flattening of warped and curled papers

  • Washing to remove discoloration and reduce acidity in paper

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  • Solar and chemical reduction of stains

  • Repair to tears, punctures, and creases

  • Backing of deteriorated or fragmented artifacts for support and consolidation

  • Cleaning, flattening, and repair of watercolors and fragile pastels

  • Color compensation for pigment loss

  • Archival hinging and matting

  • Construction of archival housings for storage and display of fragile artifacts

  • Coordination of professional packing and insured shipping

  • Care and maintenance recommendations, Lectures and workshops